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Liana Homes
location No. 416, Prathibha Mawatha, Batuwatta, 11011 , Western Province

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You may have had various persistent eager desires or cravings expected to come true in your life time. Among those may be to secure a decent home of your own to your family. Constructing a house, no wonder, is a daunting task since it involves a number of difficult issues which has to be handled with great care. Or you may not be much acquainted to this subject. Well, do not worry. Your solution is nothing but LIANA HOMES. This text may be long but it?s worth reading since building a house involves a large sum of money and you are building it for a generation.

You may be having a dream in mind as to how you plan the interior design of your house. Well, that?s the first stage. Importantly, next comes the strength of your investment capacity to purchase the block of land and construction commitments. You may be having a certain amount of money with you or may be having plans to approach a bank for a part payment.

In such instances LIANA HOMES will always be with you. Private and Government Banks coordination and all other documentary work connected with government entities such as Pradeshiya Sabhas, Land Registry, Lawyers? and Survey matters plus provision of electricity, water and other necessary approvals when building a house will be provided free of charge by LIANA HOMES except the fixed official charges levied. Liana Homes? longstanding dealings with the said authorities will make matters easy for you to overcome those difficult tasks saving your precious time and energy. Trust us and entrust all such complicated matters to LIANA HOMES. We will look after them on behalf of you.

We emphasis these matters since we believe that sometimes you may not be having a professional background knowledge about architecture. In such a situation don?t you think that it is advisable to approach a builder who is having a pure long standing experience. LIANA HOMES preserves and honors two sacred motives devotedly. What are those?