Taprospa Spas & Resorts

Taprospa Spas & Resorts
location No.10, Gnanartha Pradeepa Mawatha, Colombo 08, 00800, Western Province

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Set in the lush greenery of some of Asia’s most stunning plantations, Taprospa Spas & Resorts in Sri Lanka provides the ideal surroundings to relax and rejuvenate the senses. Its luxurious boutique hotels and villas are spread out across idyllic tea, rubber, and oil palm plantations in Sri Lanka; making for a charming holiday in the island country’s rolling hills or on its beautiful tropical coastline, stunning views. Taprospa villas were built by British planters as their homes during colonial times and therefore, invariably, afford the best views on the plantations.

?What we offer is unique because you can experience and be part of a working plantation. ?You can see how the famous Mackwoods Tea is made, taking part in tea tasting sessions. You can also be taken on an exotic guided tour, admiring our natural waterfalls and the flora and fauna of our virgin forests.

In total, the company’s portfolio comprises four plantation boutique villas, three superior resorts in Jaffna, Tissamaharama and Beruwela, which have health spas and 7, 15 and 54 rooms, respectively.

The planters? villas benefit from butler service and have the serene atmosphere of an English country home, including billiard rooms, period furniture, cotton and silk furnishings, and marbled bathrooms. They also feature less traditional, but no less welcome Jacuzzis and massage beds.

The villas offer not only private fine dining but also fantastic spa treatments and the opportunity to explore the plantations. In addition, delightful cultural shows and live music by local performers are very much part of the Taprospa experience.

While providing such comforts and services, we always place great emphasis on preserving the stunning natural environment of our villas and resorts. ?We do this, for instance, through our ecologically sound mini hydropower schemes, which harness the natural streams on the plantations, and our agro forestry reserves, which help us preserve the virgin forest on our estates.? Continually striving to provide excellent services to discerning and eco-conscious travelers, Taprospa Spas & Resorts provides spectacular settings for a wonderful holiday in one of Asia’s most beautiful countries.