Ecopower Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

Ecopower Lanka (Pvt) Ltd
location No.75/4 , Barnes Place, Colombo 7, 11600, Western Province

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Solar power is the harnessing of the radiant heat and light of the sun. The earth receives from the sun 3,850,000 exajoules of energy each year ? this translates into receiving in 1 hour the equivalent of all the energy used by mankind for lighting, heating cooling, transport and industrial uses!

Solar power systems capture this energy and through the crystals in the photo voltaic (PV) panels converts it into Direct Current. This is fed into a device called the inverter which changes the Direct Current to Alternating Current and synchronized with the grid power. During the day excess power is fed into the grid and at night and on cloudy days power is taken from the grid. The power fed into the grid and taken from the grid is tracked by a Net Meter provided by the CEB and at the end of the month, you are only billed for the net usage of electricity.

This typically translates in saving 90% + of your electricity bill and you thus not only save money but help the country as the CEB will have to install less generating capacity if sufficient people use this system. In Germany , which is at a much more northern latitude and therefore receives much less sunlight, 20% of domestic power use is from solar energy ? this is the equivalent of 4 nuclear power plants or 20 coal power plants of the size of Norichalai ! The system is safe to use, insulated against power surges and lightning. You will receive a 5 year warranty on the inverter and 15years on the solar PV panels. The whole system should in any case last for 20 years.